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Family Law Mediation

At McLaughlins Lawyers we always strive to find a solution in the simplest manner possible. We understand that when a matter reaches court, it will likely take time, money and emotional stress for it to be resolved. It’s why we place a huge emphasis on finding mutually beneficial solutions through legal dispute resolution and collaborative law.

Another option that puts the control in your hands is the process of mediation.

In this process, all involved parties get assistance from an independent third party to work out what exactly the issues are, consider and explore various options and alternatives to try and reach a resolution.

Depending on the nature of the relationship in question and the physical location of the parties involved, mediation can occur under the following circumstances:

  • Both parties and their mediator meet face to face in a mediation venue.
  • Both parties attend the same mediation venue but sit in separate rooms, with the mediator acting as a go-between. This is known as a shuttle mediation.
  • Both parties dial into a voice conference via telephone or electronic communication such as Skype or Zoom
  • One party is present at the mediation venue and the other party connects via telephone or electronic communication such as Skype or Zoom.

Unlike litigation, mediation lets you make the decisions. You can choose if you would like to have your lawyer present, but that is not a requirement for mediation – parties can attend without their lawyer. Your mediator is not there to give you advice or make any decisions for you. You are able to get legal advice either before the mediation or, if an agreement is reached, before you sign any agreement.

Mediation offers you many advantages:

  • It lacks the formality (and therefore the stress) of a formal court appearance
  • It’s confidential (with limited exceptions)
  • It’s usually less expensive than court proceedings
  • Both parties decide on the time, date and place – not the lawyer or court
  • You aren’t limited in what solution you come up with to resolve the issue
  • If you pursue mediation through McLaughlins Lawyer, you have a neutral location for meetings available to you, free of charge

With McLaughlin’s experienced family law practitioner and nationally accredited mediator, Joelene Nel at your side, you know you will be dealing with someone skilled and trained in assisting parties to resolve conflicts outside of court. Joelene is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and has specialized training in helping parties with their parenting issues. If the matter cannot be resolved this way, then you still have the option to proceed to formal court litigation.

If you’d like more information on the mediation process, please contact Joelene Nel today on 07 5591 5099.