Can I separate amicably? The ABC releases an article on-line today.

The ABC has recently published an article after public feedback on how other Australian families have been able to separate and divorce amicably. This article contains some really useful feedback to consider in the very early stages of a separation, and even if separation has not occurred.

Setting the tone for the future of what your separation and divorce will look like is such an important step when separating.

Understandably there are some devastating circumstances which can lead to separation where it may feel impossible to be amicable, particularly where there are situations involving domestic violence or infidelity; we understand this. By having a senior experienced family support lawyer who has seen the best and worst of family law matters means you have a team backing you up, protecting you, advising you of all your options and then communicating with the other side in the most amicable way possible so as to try and keep the amicable communication going, or where communication has soured, take the sting out of the communication moving forward to reach the best outcome for the family.

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Author: Sophie Pearson

Director: Sophie Pearson

Date: 8 April 2021