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Purchasing property is one of the largest financial investments you will make in your lifetime.

It may seem practical to use ‘discount’ conveyancing services to keep your costs low and stick to a tight budget. But the purpose of Conveyancing is to ensure your legal rights as buyer are fully protected, and your legal rights shouldn’t be left in the hands of a discount conveyancing team.

McLaughlins Lawyers specialise in Property and Commercial Law, understanding both the legal transaction of buy and sell, but also the highly complex work involved in high end developments and large quantity subdivisions.

Our Conveyancing is also fixed fee, meaning you can walk away with confidence knowing the exact price of all costs associated with your sale and purchase – clear and simple.

It’s that easy.

Whether you are a first home buyer who has a lot of questions, or an experienced investor emailing our firm from Bali – we are the firm that will change to suit your needs.

Don’t leave the biggest financial investment you will ever make to chance, protect yourself, and allow a Property specialist to guide you along the way.

Call us today on 07 5591 5099.