At McLaughlin’s Lawyers we are always looking for new ways to stay positive, be mindful and practise our appreciation for all the good things that happen in our day.

We have our much loved McWellness Board, which is updated weekly, and often the meeting and talking point for office staff wanting a bit of a break in their working day.

In 2019 we have started our #feelgood notes jar. This jar is placed in the general office area and when something ‘feelgood’ happens in the day, staff are encouraged to write a note and pop it in the jar. The idea being that on the tough days [of which we have a fair few in our #lawyerlife] we can dip into the jar and, quickly, be reminded of the great outcomes we achieved and the good work we did for our clients.

Let’s see how quickly our jar can fill up!


Author: Joelene Nel

Director: Sophie Pearson

Date: 23 January 2019