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Visa options expand for Hong Kong businesses and citizens

Last week the Australian government said it will expand visa programs to allow businesses in Hong Kong and their staff relocate to Australia. It also announced visa extensions for Hong Kong citizens in Australia.

The government said new incentives are planned to attract export-oriented Hong Kong-based businesses to move to Australia. Permanent visa pathways are planned for all critical Hong Kong staff. Regional headquarter businesses in Hong Kong will be targeted to relocate to democratic Australia.

Business and investment visa applications already lodged in Hong Kong will be processed faster when the visa processing centre re-opens in the next few days.

Hong Kong citizens in Australia will receive a further five-year stay on top of their current visa for 485 graduate visas, 457 and 482 visa holders. Students from Hong Kong can also apply for a five-year graduate visa after they study in Australia. There will also be a pathway to permanent residence at the end of the five-year period.

Hong Kong students that study in a regional location like the Gold Coast will have access to a pathway to permanent residence after three years. Future successful skilled visa applicants from Hong Kong will receive the additional 5 years and a pathway to permanent residence after that.

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Author: Sed Crest

Directors: Ian Kennedy and Sophie Pearson

Date: 16 July 2020