The Importance of a Will

I read an article today regarding Natalie Wood who lay dead in her Sydney home for approximately eight years before her body was discovered. Unfortunately, this may be one of the reasons she will now be remembered – well, one of the reasons. The other, of course, is that she died without a will and that potentially twelve relatives may fight for a portion of her $1,000,000 estate.

How sad.

My guess is that many people reading about the potential claimants will think (ungenerously perhaps) that if any of those relatives were so close to Ms Wood, how could eight years have passed by before they knew that she passed away?

Of course, I’m a Wills and Estates Lawyer, so my next thought is how preventable part of this story was. Most Wills do not take long to draft. The cost of drafting a Will is not a huge expense. For someone like Natalie Wood, who may have wished to leave money to some charities of choice, or to set up a Trust to benefit some groups, that opportunity has now well and truly passed by.

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