Selling waterfront property on the Gold Coast (new penalties for sellers)

The Gold Coast City Council recently created Local Law No.17 and Subordinate Law No.17.1 which deal with the care and maintenance of revetment walls, training walls, jetties, pontoons, etc (“specified prescribed  works”) which attach to waterfront properties within the Gold Coast region.

If you are selling a waterfront property on the Gold Coast and enter into a Contract after 5 July 2013, you may be required to disclose to the buyer that they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of any specified prescribed works attached to the land.

A failure to disclose by a seller could result in the buyer being in a position to terminate the Contract without penalty prior to settlement. It could also result in monetary penalties for the seller.

If you are unsure whether you have complied with your requirements under the Local Laws or need to comply, please contact one of our Commercial or Property Lawyers who will assist you to determine whether the new laws apply to your property.