R U OK? Day

“In honour of national “R U OK?” Day last Thursday 13 September 2018, the team at McLaughlins reflected on the importance of picking up on social cues, and regularly asking colleagues in need the question “Are you okay?” in a meaningful way. With mental illness being particularly rife within the legal industry, the day serves as a timely reminder to be mindful of our peers and work towards overcoming the stigma associated with acknowledging this sensitive topic.

Staff members wore yellow and were encouraged to carry out random acts of kindness, as a seemingly minor thoughtful act could go a long way in making someone’s day that little bit better. In celebration, one of our staff members Alex Hamlyn brought in some freshly baked yellow cupcakes- these certainly made everyone’s day better!

Thanks to everyone who joined in and made the day special. ”


Author:  Shona Sahay

Director: Ian kennedy

Date: 17/09/2018