McLaughlins Supports the New Wave of Growth in the Business of Sport following the Commonwealth Games

McLaughlins congratulates Gold Coast United and Sports Gold Coast for its hard work in building a sustainable football club model that will not only support a National Premier League Licence for men and women but also A and W League licences in two years’ time.

It was rewarding for our firm to witness the inaugural home game of Gold Coast United on the 10 February and the community spirit and volunteers surrounding the Club.

McLaughlins is proud to be able to support football on the Gold Coast by drafting a unique and complex constitution for the new club which ensures participation by both the business and football communities along with players parents and other associated interested parties. It is a non-for-profit entity which ensures that self-interest and football politics cannot exist.

The constitution and structure drafted by McLaughlins could possibly be a benchmark for other Australian NPL clubs to follow.

Unlike other national teams that have been established and failed previously on the Gold Coast this is the first time that a proposed national team is being built from the grassroots upwards and using the structure to unite the whole football and business community. It is not influenced by interests outside the Gold Coast.

McLaughlins is also drafting all necessary sponsorship, employment and volunteer agreements relating to the operation of the club.

If you have any sports issues in this area or seek advice please do not hesitate to contact either Geoff Smith or Alex Hamlyn of our firm.

Author: Geoff Smith

Director: Ian Kennedy

Date: 08/03/2018