McLaughlins Lawyers support the Innovation Community in the City of Gold Coast

One of McLaughlins Lawyers core values is being community minded.  We recognise the need for corporates to give back to the community.  McLaughlins has been part of the Gold Coast community for over 60 years and played a significant part in its development.

In continuing this tradition and living this value, McLaughlins has over the past 12 months made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Gold Coast Innovation Hub (the Hub) which has recently secured a commercial building at Robina, formerly known as the PC Centre for its headquarters.

With almost 2000 square metres of office space available this new Hub home will provide innovators and start-up companies the opportunity to work in an ecosystem that promotes creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

There are currently six Innovation Hubs established throughout Queensland.  Five have been established by, and led and driven by, the State Government.  The Hub is the first to be driven by private enterprise and will be officially opened on 24 August 2018. It will provide desks and offices for up to 300 innovators.

McLaughlins has played a major part in drafting the legal agreements  and providing advice on the legal structure for the Hub on a pro bono basis, and will continue providing such service to aspiring innovators to ensure that our IT and innovation community in our City flourishes.

The Hub, Universities  and  Government  expect that this model will be duplicated throughout the City of Gold Coast, and be able to attract entrepreneurs from around the globe to come to the Gold Coast to establish and promote their startup business.  Our city already has a wealth of innovation with massive potential, which needs support and direction.  McLaughlins recognises this and supports this great community project which will have far reaching and long term benefits for the City of Gold Coast.

McLaughlins believes that supporting the Hub will lead to more Gold Coast businesses being listed either on the Australian or National Stock Exchanges in the future. This is good for the Gold Coast and promotes our city as the place to build a new business.  McLaughlins has expertise in this area. We work to promote the City’s image as a smart city where people come to do business and create something special.

Readers interested in knowing more about the Innovation Hub or start-up companies and opportunities can contact either Geoff Smith or Ian Kennedy.

Author:      Geoff Smith

Director:    Ian Kennedy

Date:          25 July 2018