McLaughlins Lawyers made the move to work from home

Here are 5 ways McLaughlins Lawyer have made the move to Work from Home:

  1. Continuity – we have kept our weekly Wednesday team meetings going, we continue to share information about professional developments and latest court updates, but we now do this via an online platform.
  2. Comedy  – we have created a WhatsApp group for staff to share humorous jokes and funny anecdotes for a laugh during the day.
  3. Clients – we have kept clients up-to-date about the changes in our offices and have made sure that they know they can still trust us and that we are working hard to meet their legal needs, in a safe way.
  4. Connected – We have a daily  9:30 am online catch up for those who are free or wish to check and see how everyone else is and touch base no legal talk here. This makes us feel connected the way we might do if we were in the office and having a quick chat whilst making a cuppa.
  5. Comfort – we have checked in with each of our staff members to make sure that their work from home arrangement is suitable and made any changes that need to be made so they are able to be productive and efficient whilst working at home.

McLaughlins lawyers are still able to offer the full range of service we always have and whilst most of our work is done from home, where necessary we go to the office for a limited time to be able to do certain functions that cannot happen whilst working from home e.g. settlements.

If you need assistance on a legal matter contact our team on (07) 5591 5099 and a member of our team will be happy to help.