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McLaughlins Lawyers about to catch the new wave of world sport – E-Sport

McLaughlins Lawyers is assisting a small group of entrepreneurs in the development and promotion of Esport in the City of Gold Coast.

E-Sport has been a growing phenomenon globally. Participants are principally under 25-year-old males. ESport is either a mystery or concern to older generations.

Is it a Sport? Yes, according to the Olympic and Asian Games committees.

Can we ignore it and hope it is a passing fad? No.

Some Sport Commentators predict that there will be three truly world games in the future:

  • Football;
  • Basketball; and
  • ESport.

Australia is 7 years behind the US and 10 years behind Korea and Japan in Esport.

Tournaments around the world attract up to 80,000+ attendees to stadiums to watch two teams compete on the stage with huge screens. The Media this week widely reported on a recent world championship in the popular game of Fortnite where the winners in their early 20s became instant millionaires.

The top world Esport players have a significant following and are paid over $1 million to play in tournaments or on Teams.

What games do E-sporters play?

This is another fascinating aspect of Esport.

There is a huge range of games from the popular League of Legends and Fortnite to the traditional online football and basketball games. An E-league football final usually attracts more viewers than a televised A league grand final.

E-sport Tournaments attract tens of thousands of tourists to a city; local teams can promote the Gold Coast on the world cyber stage with millions of viewers and universities and schools can use Esport to attract the brightest students and future publishers of games.

There are cities around the globe developing E-sports facilities in order to build and support a high-tech industry similar to Silicon Valley.

Clients wishing to understand more about E-Sport and its opportunities can contact Special Counsel Geoff Smith of McLaughlins Lawyers on (07) 5591 5099 – Your Gold Coast Lawyers – We Stand Beside You.