Is my Lawyer who they say they are?

A Gold Coast law student has been caught out by a Southport Magistrate when it was revealed he was not an Australian Legal Practitioner but a law student.

Jacob Reichmann, 22, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in late August where the court heard the young law student had engaged in legal practice on six separate occasions, wrongfully representing himself as a lawyer.

Reichmann not only fronted three Magistrates in criminal matters at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court and wrongly asserted he was employed with a Southport law firm but also altered his signature line in an email to continue the façade.

Reichmann’s dishonesty ultimately came undone when it was revealed by his supervising Barrister, Christopher Rosser, that Reichmann was not his instructing Solicitor but his clerk.

Magistrate Anne Thacker fined Reichmann $1,000 and order he pay further costs to the Legal Services Commission of $1,083.50, however decided not to record a conviction due to his age.

Although there is adequate legislation designed to protect members of the public from those people who are not qualified to carry out legal work, you can never be too sure the lawyer you have engaged, is who they say they are.

Here at McLaughlins Lawyers we proudly display our Solicitors qualifications throughout the firm and ensure those qualifications are kept up to date.  You can be absolutely confident that all of our Lawyers are fully trained and qualified with expertise to assist with any of your legal matters.