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How to relocate your business to Australia now

If you or your business deals with world-class, cutting-edge technology, you and your family or your business can relocate to Australia now without waiting for Australia’s borders to open.

The Australian government launched the Global Business & Talent Taskforce with Peter Verwer AO as the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy. The expanded program is open to individuals as well as businesses. If you qualify under the scheme, you, your family and your business can enter Australia now and will receive an exemption from the current restrictions on entering Australia.

The sectors covered are very broad and include: advanced manufacturing, agri-food, the circular economy, cyber security, defence, energy, renewables and resources, space, medical & biomedical technology, fintech, infrastructure, education and research, data sciences, digital technologies, materials sciences, nanotech, quantum technologies and robotics.

The Australian government is putting significant resources behind the program to attract world-class people and business to Australia very quickly in some cases in two or three weeks.

For businesses to qualify under the scheme, they need to be able to:

  • Çreate jobs in Australia in their sector;
  • Co-invest in Australian businesses in their sector;
  • Be able to build business ecosystems in their sector; or
  • Have capacity to expand Australia’s technological base.

For individuals to qualify, they need to be:

  • Able to make a significant contribution to technology in Australia;
  • Have a PhD and be a world-class specialist in their field; or
  • Entrepreneurial and have the ability to contribute significantly to the Australian economy.

Entrepreneurs need a demonstrated ability to:

  • Commercialise R&D and ideas;
  • Connect industries and businesses; or
  • Bring new skills and knowledge to Australia

For businesses, the scheme extends to critical staff and their families. It involves a new Beach head visa, the 408 visa, which allows a firm 18 months to set up their operations in Australia. This flexible scheme for up to 15,000 people also involves the 858 Global Talent visa, a permanent residence visa for talented individuals and their families.

To find out whether you or your business lawyer qualifies contact us now by email on [email protected] or phone (07) 5591 5099 to arrange an online consultation.

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Author: Sed Crest

Directors: Ian Kennedy & Sophie Pearson

Date: 14 April 2021