Enduring Powers of Attorney and Elder Abuse

There are increasing cases of Elder Abuse occurring in our society as a result of elderly people signing Enduring Powers of Attorney without first obtaining independent legal advice. An Enduring Power of Attorney form  provides a person with a large amount of power to make any decisions on behalf of the person who has granted it. Although there are civil and criminal sanctions to anyone who abuses the position of being an attorney, the preference would be to avoid such a situation before it results.

If you know of someone, particularly an elderly member of the community, who is thinking of executing an Enduring Power of Attorney and has not obtained legal advice first, please refer them to the Gold Coast lawyers who have the expertise and experience to guide the person and the decision they make to ensure it is one that is appropriate in the situation.  McLaughlins lawyers can assist to guide the person into making an informed decision rather than being forced into a situation they know very little about.