Domestic Violence Prevention – Working Together For Change

It goes without saying that people affected by domestic and family violence (DFV) face a myriad of different emotional and psychological hurdles, with no two experiences being exactly the same. One common factor invariably faced by all people at some stage in these unfortunate circumstances however, is the sense of isolation and not knowing who, or where, to turn to for help.

May is Domestic Violence Prevention month, so we have used this opportunity to compile a list of practical resources that are discreet, easily accessible, and useful for both males and females . Seeing a lawyer can be a daunting step, and does not have to be the first point of call- there are plenty of tools out there, we just need to spread the word!

Please pass this on if you know someone who could benefit from any of the following services:


  • Domestic Violence Prevention Centre (DVPC)
    • An organisation that provides crisis response services, translation services, counselling and much more, for:
      • Women affected by DFV and their children, friends and family who would like more information; and
      • Male perpetrators of DFV who would like to take steps to change their behaviour.
    • To find out more, visit 
  • DV Connect
    • A free & confidential telephone, counselling, referral and support service for:
      • Men and women affected by DFV; and
      • Male perpetrators of DFV looking for ways to address their own use of violence and other destructive patterns in their personal lives and relationships.

To find out more, visit,


  • Magistrates Court
    • Most Magistrates Courts have DV support services that can help with safety planning for parties to DFV proceedings who are concerned for their safety during an attendance at Court, such as:
      • The provision of safe rooms for women to wait in before their matters are heard; and
      • Security officers who may help escort people to their cars after Court.
    • Make sure you call ahead to arrange or check if these options are available in the location where your matter is being heard. To find out more about the DV Court process, visit
  • Family Law Courts
    • If arrangements are made in advance, safety plans can also be implemented in Family Law Courts (see the heading “Magistrates Court”).
    • For more information about the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court process, see the following video: https://be/ZHmQBLIgr70
  • Domestic Violence Court
  • Legal Services


  • Penda – a mobile app
    • A mobile app developed by the Women’s Legal Service Queensland, which provides useful tools and references for financial, legal and personal safety for women.
    • For more information, visit 


  • Australia Post
  • DV Work Aware
    • A workplace policy development service for employers interested in developing a workplace policy response to DFV.
    • Employees who suffer from DFV can also learn about the support available to them via their workplace, such as the right to request flexible work arrangements.
    • To find out more, visit
  • PCYC Gold Coast
    • RUBY (Rise Up, Be Yourself)- a free physical fitness program for female victims of DFV conducive to general well-being, emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence in a safe environment.
    • To find out more, call Sgt Linda Baade or Karen Spencer on 5538 5201, or email them at [email protected].
    • Located at PCYC Gold Coast, 180 Monaco Street, Broadbeach Waters.

For a comprehensive list of all resources and services available, which is customisable based on your individual circumstances, visit:

McLaughlins Lawyers have partnered with and support RizeUp, a charity providing practical assistance to families affected by Domestic Violence. They do this through a network of volunteers and support from the community in creating homes for families, who have fled domestic violence. The families can relocate to their new home, which is furnished,  and begin a new and safe  start.

At McLaughlins Lawyers we have a dedicated team of experienced and supportive family lawyers who can assist with your family matters and domestic violence court proceedings. Contact us on (07) 5591 5099.

 Authors: Joelene Nel & Shona Sahay

Director: Sophie Pearson

Date: 10 May 2018