Dealing with the devil in the details when your loved one passes away

The shock of a loved one passing away can render even the most organised, logical and business-like person a mess of emotion incapable of coherently dealing with the pile of paperwork and distressing details. It is confronting to deal with devilish details and paperwork when time is needed to grieve.


At the same time the death of a person in our society sets in motion a whole list of urgent requirements. These include dealing with the body, arranging the funeral, burial or cremation, consoling family members, notifying the bureaucratic government departments, banks, insurance companies and interested parties, notifying relatives and arranging the death certificate, finding the will if there is one, sorting through personal possessions and paperwork, probate, dealing with debts, real estate and cancelling a whole range of things including memberships and social media. All of this can make those left behind feel very overwhelmed.


The legal complexities of estates and disputes between relatives may mean that even without the emotional burden most of those left behind just are not equipped to deal with the legal minefield that can open up when a loved member of your family passes away.


This is where we, McLaughlins Lawyers, your Gold Coast lawyers with experts in wills and estates can handle all the paperwork and legal labyrinth involved in dealing with a deceased estate. While we can’t speed the process of grieving, we can ease the legal burden and handle your matters effectively and expertly.


If you need legal assistance dealing with the loss of your loved one call or email Teresa Kearney, experienced wills and estates lawyer or our experienced paralegal Dianne Ball, and we will help you deal with the devil in the detail of deceased estates.


Author: Teresa Kearney

Director: Ian Kennedy

Date: 13 November 2018