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Covid-19 Adapting to the new normal – Why it is now more important than ever to make your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney

Covid-19 Adapting to the new normal

Why it is now more important than ever to make your Will and Enduring Power of Attorney

Pandemic strikes fear into people. I recall my grandmother reminiscing about the past and if a natural disaster was on the news she would say “Well, its not as bad as the Spanish Flu.” Having lost a fiancé to World War One, survived the Great Depression raising a young family, endured World War Two, lost her husband when her youngest was only 17, the touchstone was still the flu pandemic of 1918 and I believe she lost friends.

Current generations luckily have missed those historic disasters and tragedies but new challenges have come our way and the new normal seems to be getting used to remote working and learning, isolation, social distancing, outbreaks and limits on our freedom to travel, socialise, play and watch sports.

The fallout reaches every facet of our lives and many have lost their livelihoods and leisure activities or visiting family can result in fines or even contracting COVID-19.

Being restricted and confined with limited social interaction can challenge the most robust and the elderly and ill seem to suffer most. Activity and planning is a good way to focus thoughts and achieve positive results. Having something important to do gives a sense of purpose and relieves the boredom of staying home.

If the future is uncertain preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney and your Will is a positive step to ensuring control and security for the future and may even give you peace of mind.

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows your trusted family or friends to manage your affairs if you are unable to, which is especially crucial for health decisions and to avoid a costly and time-consuming process through the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal QCAT. Your Will is an expression of your wishes and will help your family deal with the future in a cost effective and certain way.

Our systems at McLaughlins Lawyers employ technology for online interactive questionnaires, conference calls, online meetings, remote instructions and we will work with you even if you are in isolation or lockdown since there are new measures we can employ to make sure your wishes are fulfilled.

So don’t wait, plan for the future and let us help you as we all get used to the new normal.

McLaughlins Lawyers have been preparing Enduring powers of attorney, Wills and succession plans for Gold Coasters and businesses for over 60 years. We understand the times and can help you plan for the future – call Teresa Kearney or Dianne Ball on 07 5591 5099 or click here to go to our website and start the Settify Online Will process. 

 McLaughlins Lawyers, your experienced Gold Coast lawyers, we stand beside you and are here to help you  when you need us.


Author: Teresa Kearney, Senior Associate

Director: Ian Kennedy

Date: 7 May 2020