Is Collaborative Law the solution for your family law matter?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced he would cut $30m of funds from the Family Law Courts in his costings document released days before the September 2013 election. The Senate committee heard on Monday, 18 November 2013, that the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia have stated that the cuts would mean that the courts may not be in a position to maintain their services if such a large funding cut is made.

Our clients are already faced with many delays in the Family and Federal Circuit Court process. Judges regularly have in excess of 25 matters before them on any one day that range from complex property matters including trusts and companies through to emotional applications for parenting Orders. It has become “the norm” to spend hours waiting for a matter to be mentioned while the costs time clock ticks away. In some cases, the Court simply does not have time to hear the application on the listed date and has to adjourn the matter to a later date, proving very costly to both parties.

The Courts make decisions and Orders where parties cannot agree, but in an already over-burdened system, what will be the impact of funding cuts to the Family Law Courts?

Do not let the lack of Court funding and ultimately the uncertainty and delay of the litigation process dictate the timing and outcome of your property settlement or parenting dispute.

Collaborative Law is the alternative.


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