I-Cloud – A Silver Lining? Or a Storm Cloud?

Do you have an iPhone?  Does your estranged spouse or partner have an iPhone?  Most people will probably answer “yes”.  Do you, or did you, share your Apple account?  It’s likely you probably did, or at least have access to each other’s account in order to access pictures, contacts, music, apps and the like.  Would you log into your Apple account from your ex’s phone or computer?  If that is so, then there is some likelihood that your ex is able to see (or is receiving) your text messages, emails or imessages.

In a society where most people are heavily reliant on their smartphones for not only personal, but also business related communication, there can be an extraordinary amount of sensitive information contained in text messages, emails or imessages.  It is important that you carefully check the settings of your phone and Apple account to make sure that your phone is private and protected to avoid personal (and potentially compromising) information being unintentionally provided to your estranged spouse.

We encourage our clients to take steps to secure their personal information through changing passwords to reviewing the settings on their phones / laptops.

By Rebecca Durkin.