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Can I recover a debt from a debtor in New Zealand?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to recover a debt from an individual or company based in New Zealand.

The Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010 (NZ) provides for the registration and enforcement of Australian judgments in New Zealand.

We recently achieved a positive outcome for a client that was owed money by a company registered in New Zealand by issuing proceedings in Queensland, obtaining judgment in Queensland and subsequently registering the judgment in the Queenstown District Court of New Zealand.  We thereafter issued a Creditor’s Statutory Demand to the debtor based in New Zealand which resulted in full payment of the debt to our client, including costs and interest.

Here at McLaughlins we specialise in debt recovery. If you or someone you know is owed money by an individual or company in Australia or overseas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our litigation team today on 07 5591 5099 to discuss how we can assist you.


Author: Alex Hamlyn

Directors: Ian Kennedy and Sophie Pearson

 Date: 2 September 2020