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Can I prepare my own family court documents?


The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCCOA) have recently updated their website which contains a number of resources, quick links and information for parties who want to prepare their own court documents and engage in the family court system without the legal assistance.

The FCCOA deals with many different family law matters, some of these include:

  • Divorce
  • Property and financial disputes
  • Parenting orders
  • Enforcement orders
  • Location and recovery orders

The FCCOA website has a section which shows the most frequently used forms eg. Initiating Application – this is the document you will need to complete to begin parenting for property matters in the court.

The FCCOA website also has helpful tips for attending court and representing yourself in court as well information about the various measures the court can put in place to ensure you feel safe when you go to court.

You can have a look at the new FCCOA website here.

At McLaughlins Lawyers, our family law team are experienced at helping parties to complete their own court documents. Of course, if you would prefer,  we are able to take the load off of you and complete the documents for you and assist you in your legal journey in the Court system.

Please give our offices a call on (07) 5591 5099 and one of the friendly members of the family law team will be happy to have a free no obligations chat with you about how we can help.


Author: Joelene Nel

Director: Sophie Pearson

Date: 2 December 2021