Bandidos Bikie Charged with Unlawful Stalking and Contravening Domestic Violence Order

The Gold Coast Bulletin has reported on a Bandidos bikie being charged with a number of offences including unlawful stalking, contravening a domestic violence order, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, wilful damage, unlicensed driving and obstruct police.

Police attended at a home on Amaranth Crescent following a number of calls to triple-0 and found a car repeatedly driving into the garage. It is not known at this stage whether the alleged offender was attending the home of an ex-partner or associate. For the full report please see –

McLaughlins Lawyers welcomes police action that takes breaches of domestic violence orders seriously.

A domestic violence order will be made by the Magistrates Court when the Magistrate is satisfied that  there is a relevant relationship between the Applicant and Respondent, an act of domestic violence has occurred and it is necessary or desirable that an order be made. A contravention of a domestic violence order can result in criminal charges.

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Author: Nicole Fitzgibbon

Partner: Sophie Pearson

Date: 22/02/2016