Christmas is coming and whether you believe in Santa Claus, have been naughty or nice or enjoy the true Spirit of Christmas, you cannot stop Christmas. Time, like Christmas, has a habit of passing and each year seems to accelerate. Busy lives means that we rarely take the time to consider the past, present or the future.

Christmas themed movies flood the theatres and our screens. One book and movie that bears closer scrutiny is “A Christmas Carol” written and published by Charles Dickens on 19 December 1843. Spookily that is 175 years ago to the day that this blog is being written and published.

You may be familiar with the story that Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by 3 ghosts on the eve of Christmas. The ghost of Christmas Past shows him a more innocent time and when he began to value accumulating money more than relationships. The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge the difficulties his own employee faces with a severely ill disabled child and no money for medical care or a proper Christmas dinner.

The finale is the Ghost of a Christmas to come in the future where Scrooge dies a miserable lonely old man and no one would have turned up to his funeral except that food was supplied. His possessions are stolen and everyone seems glad he is gone. Scrooge is shocked into realising the wrongs he has done to others and the mistakes of meanness which might lead to a sad lonely end rather than a life well lived. Given another chance Scrooge buys a huge turkey for his employee’s Christmas dinner, shares his wealth with those less fortunate and becomes a loved benefactor.

The author Charles Dickens knew financial hardship as his father was thrown into debtor’s prison. Personal bankruptcy carried the penalty of prison time in those past days. He never forgot having to work as a child in a factory to support his mother and siblings and his works as an author often visit the underworld of child slavery, deprivation and crime. Fortunately for most of us that is ancient history.

With Christmas coming the time is right to consider the present, not just the Presents under the tree, and the future. This can be as simple as putting your financial affairs in order and making that Will you have been putting off. If you wish to consider others less fortunate than you a charitable bequest is a good avenue provided your loved ones are well provided for. A charitable fund or donation may also be tax deductible which is a bonus.

To ensure your affairs are in order and your Will is up to date considering the present and providing for the future, please contact our experienced Commercial, Wills and Estates Lawyers at your Gold Coast Lawyers, McLaughlins Lawyers. Teresa Kearney and our team can help you and we promise no ghost stories on Christmas Eve.

All of us at McLaughlins Lawyers wish you all a very merry Christmas and the best possible New Year. See you in the Future.



Author: Teresa Kearney

Director: Ian Kennedy

Date: 19 December 2018