Automatic Recognition of Interstate Domestic Violence Orders

If you have a Domestic Violence order made on or after 25 November 2017, it is now automatically recognised and enforced  interstate. This means that if your domestic violence order was made in a Queensland Court, it will be recognised in New South Wales and enforced, by police in New South Wales. This includes orders made by a police officer or a private person as well as interim or final orders.

People who have Domestic Violence orders made before 25 November 2017 will need to register their order in each other State or Territory [other than the one it was issued in].

For people who want to vary a Domestic Violence order, this can now be done in any Court – for example a person who has an order from a Victorian Court can now vary that order in a Queensland Court.

Changes to the law now also require information to be shared across borders between police and the courts through a new national database.

These amendments to the legislation will immediately benefit people who have Domestic Violence orders to further protect them if they move or travel interstate.

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Author: Joelene Nel

Director: Sophie Pearson

Date: 04/12/2017