Do I really need to make a Will?

To many people the thought of making a Will is all too hard.  It’s something that has been thrown in the too hard basket or just doesn’t take priority.  Others believe that they will get around to it one day or there is no need for one because upon their death their Estate will just be sorted out between their family members, amicably and with little fuss…

What is almost certain is that most of those people are also unfamiliar the way in which the law dictates how your Estate must be distributed if you die without a valid Will, known as the Intestacy Rules.


In Queensland, the Intestacy Rules outline that an Estate is to be distributed to the following next of kin if you die without a valid Will in place:


If you want your Estate to be divided in accordance with your wishes and not left up to the law to decide, make sure you have a valid Will.

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Author: Anna Doughan

Partner: Ian Kennedy

Date: 29/09/2016