187 Employer-Sponsored Visa to end in November

The 187 employer-sponsored visa is usually the fastest and least-expensive way to receive permanent residence in Australia. The direct entry stream gives immediate permanent residence on visa grant. One of the requirements for the 187 visa is that employment is in a regional area. In Queensland, regional postcodes are anywhere outside the central suburbs of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Nearby Gold Coast regional postcodes include Carrara, Nerang, Pacific Pines and the Hinterland. The NSW-side of Tweed Heads is also considered regional.

To apply for the 187 visa, the visa applicant must have at least three year’s relevant employment experience, be under 45 years old and have competent English (IELTS 6 or equivalent). One of the key advantages of the 187 visa is that for most occupations, the visa applicant does not need a skill assessment from one of the skills assessing bodies.

The federal government has announced the 187 visa will no longer be available after 16 November 2019. The 187 visa will be replaced by a new permanent regional visa, the 191 visa, but this will not be available until November 2022.

The federal government has also announced it will close the 489 temporary points-based regional visa in November this year. Holders of 489 visas are eligible to apply for permanent residence through the 887 visa after they have lived in a regional area for two years and have also worked in a regional area for one year.

The government will open two new regional temporary visas on 16 November 2019. Both of the new visas will require the applicant to be under 45, have competent English and hold a positive skill assessment.

The first new visa is the points-based 491 visa which allows the holder to remain in Australia for up to five years and will only be available for some occupations. The 491 will require nomination by the state government or an eligible relative.

The second new visa is the temporary employer-sponsored 494 and has a minimum salary of $53,900. Both of the new temporary regional visas will allow the holder to apply for permanent residence after three years.

Regional employers with employees on temporary visas that want to stay in Australia should explore their eligibility for the 187 visa while it is still available. After 16 November 2019, it will take much longer and cost a lot more for temporary residents to apply for permanent residence in regional areas.

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Author: Sed Crest

Director: Ian Kennedy

Date: 11 June 2019