Jun 20

Staff Feature

Introducing…Sophie Pearson!


Name: Sophie Pearson

Position @ McL? Partner

Length of time working @ McL? 7 years

What do you enjoy most about working @ McL? Being able to promote a family friendly work environment with an emphasis on work – life balance. Most recently I have been humbled by the support of everyone in our team at work, the community and our clients after the passing of my husband.

What are your hobbies? Spending time with my family and friends on the weekend and supporting live Australian music. At the moment my daughter’s football and umpiring career has taken over, so I seem to spend most of my spare time at the Sharks AFL Club.

What is your burning desire? To make sure my children are healthy and happy.

Is there anything else you would like to be included? I’m just you’re average person with a house, mortgage, dog and plenty of running around for my children.

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Jun 3

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