Jul 24

Judge for a day

I recently attended Bond University to play the part of “Judge” for the Witness Examination Competition that McLaughlins has sponsored again this year. I am continually inspired by the high standard of the students competing in the competition. This year’s winner will be joining our office for work experience as a part of his prize package. The runner up Cameron McCormack was also of such a high standard that we have offered him work experience as well. We look forward to welcoming both students in the near future. Congratulations to the Law Students Association for such a well organised competition and the parts that they played as witnesses. The Bond University Law Faculty facilities are amazing with their Moot Court 1 being modelled on the High Court in Canberra including the ability to have witnesses appear by video-link. No wonder these graduates come out ready to hit the road for real practice.

Sophie Pearson

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